Tarte au citron
Gluten Free

Tarte au citron


Sweet, tart, tangy and creamy all in perfect balance, this tarte is a citrus lover's dream. We put a Reverie twist on this timeless classic to make it even more delightful.

Tarte au citron features a velvety lemon cream on a bed of golden crisp shortcrust pastry and a cushion of almond cream. The acidity of the citrus confit balances against the sweetness of fluffy meringue. We go a little extra by adding strips of candied lemon peel for a touch of zing.


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24 cm, feeds 10-12 people

Care instructions

Tarte au citron tastes best chilled. Remove from the refrigerator when ready to serve.


Pâte sucrée, lemon frangipane, lemon and lime confit, lemon crémeux, toasted meringue, candied lemon peel

Ingredients available upon request

Contains almond, dairy, and eggs

Tarte au citron
Tarte au citron
Tarte au citron
Tarte au citron

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