Afternoon Tea
Gluten Free

Afternoon Tea


Perfect for sharing over a cup of tea, this box features a delightful selection of our offerings. Each box includes two raisin scones, four imperial cookies, two hazelnut almond chocolate squares, and one slice of passion fruit cake.

Raisin scones

Contain almond, dairy, eggs

Care instructions: Scones tastes best on the day of purchase. Reheat in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before serving for best result.

Imperial cookies

Contains pure almond extract, dairy, eggs

Hazelnut almond chocolate square

Contains certified gluten free oats, almond, hazelnut, dairy

Passionfruit cake

Contains dairy, eggs

Care instructions: The cake tastes best chilled and on the day of purchase. Remove from the refrigerator when ready to serve.

Afternoon Tea

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