Gluten Free



Serving up summer on your plate with this 7-layer dessert packed with vibrant flavours of tangy raspberry and zesty lime. Fresh and bright, this is our family's favourite. 

Framboisier put the spotlight on raspberry in three different ways: raspberry coulis, raspberry gelée and fresh raspberries. Smooth mascarpone cream laced with zesty lime and spongy almond dacquoise flatter the fruity flavor. A buttery base crust brings a pleasant crunch to this delectable entremet.


18 cm x 18 cm, feeds 8-10 people

Care instructions

Framboisier tastes best chilled. Remove from the refrigerator 10 minutes before serving.


Pâte sablée, almond dacquoise, mascarpone lime cream, raspberry coulis, raspberry gelée, chantilly cream

Ingredients available upon request

Contains almond, dairy, and eggs


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